Emana® Line

Emana is a polyamide 6.6 based smart yarn containing bioactive crystals, leading to improved skin microcirculation, reduction of cellulite signs and diminished muscle fatigue. This is a Rhodia technology taking care of your well being and comfort. The minerals incorporated to the DNA of yarn guarantee the permanent cosmetic effect on the piece, even after endless washings. 



The Control Compression line

is a post surgery product, with pieces developed in a stronger fabric for aesthetic purposes. This is an important line as Plie in the medical environment is consensus. No other company exceeds its quality and technological differential. It is highly recommended by the doctors to use the Control Compression line after plastic surgeries. These compression garments will help to promote healthy support and retention of the tissues. People with excess skin after losing an enormous amount of weight or people who has underwent liposuction or breast enhancement will greatly benefit from it. As well, for people who has lost alot of weight and has excess skin due to the weight lost, they will benefit from wearing these compression garment. The continual external pressure on the deep tissue keeps the skin smooth and evenly compressed, minimizing the chances of sagging and the formation of unwanted creases. Plie works closely with doctors to ensure healthy compression level. Made of super-microfiber Amni and lycra fiber for shaping and comfort and premium Nilit® Nylon 6.6 yarn for suberb quality that last.
Exclusive hydrophilic treatment that draws perspiration keeps the body dry and allergy free.


The Control line

has different points of compression to adhere to the feminine contours. It shapes up without tightening, corrects small imperfection and localized fat. Microfiber and spandex combination ensures safety and total comfort as well as the exclusive hydrophillic treatment that keeps the body dry and allergy free.


The Maternity line

is designed for maximum comfort and safety for woman to use before, during and after having baby. The best seller high waist panties has a soft and elastic fabric. It gives a gradual support around the belly to relieve weight. The Bermuda and the Legging complete the lines by avoiding the friction between the legs while still looking good throughout the pregnancy, not forgetting that the stretching of the skin during pregnancy makes it uncomfortable for woman. Plie soft material and hydrophillic treatment will help to ease any discomfort.The maternity bra allows the use from pregnancy to the birth of the baby to breastfeeding. It is breathable and keeps the breast area dry and free of allergy as breastfeeding mother has very sensitive nipples. The correct nursing bra will help a new mother to breast feed with comfort. As well, Plie maternity legging will help pregnant lady to put pressure on the legs and thus stimulate the blood flow up from the leg towards the hearts. this will help to prevent or minimise varicose veins formation.


The Maternity Wellness line

uses a special nylon Nilit® Duomix. Besides all the benefits that the Plie maternity line has already carried, the wellness line is for outerwear, made for sports, such as yoga and pilates for the pregnant woman. It take cares of the comfort and safety for the welfare of pregnant woman. Nilit® Duomix is created by combining Nilit® nylon 6.6 fibers with easy dyed cationic polyester fibers. Fabrics knitted with these yarns are distinctive and designfull. Once again, Plie is the first in the world for such maternity wellness production.


The kids line

is meant for kids 6-12 years old:

-It has great stretch that follow the growing of kids.

-First quality underwear for kids. They are seamless. Super comfortable , no seam at sides.

-Do not mark under clothing.

-the bra is a soft padded bra. The first bra for growing.

-hydrophilic treatment. Kids tends to be more active and sweaty and hence always scratching due to the sweat retained in the normal material of underwear. This hydrophilic treatment will keep the kids sweat free, dry and cool under our hot weather . Free from allergy and scratch and as well, prevention of leaving black patches on the kids body or scar.

Product fabric is produced by Nilit®. Premium 6.6 fiber.


Shape and Shine

collection combines the latest technology with retro style to shape the body with delicacy and safety. The exclusive extra fine fabric has a shine and ultra soft touch and 360 degree stretch so the garment stretches in all directions with 3 times more elasticity, compressing without tightening. The fabric is delicate and requires special care. The shape & Shine collection is made with Sensil, NILIT® nylon 6.6, joining innovation and sophistication.

Plie Shades

is the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. The extra fine fabric, with gloss and satin touch, used in a double way ensures greater compression and total comfort. Unique fins were designed to prevent product from curling.

The line also features two new bras models that will keep your lap stunning. Plie Shades also has lace and colors that will transform the shapewear lingerie into pieces of absolute desire.

The Shades collection is made with Sensil, NILIT® nylon 6.6, joining innovation and sophistication.


Makeup Skin

is the revolutionary line that brings the power of makeup to your lingerie. The extra fine fabric, with a soft touch and velvety shine, guarantees the enhancement of the contours with very light compression, shaping the body with absolute comfort. The edges of the legs with an invisible finish make this lingerie the perfect base for any look, including slits.


Fitness Line

powered by SUPPLEX® and SENSIL® Innergy technology that guarantee total comfort, high breathability and improve performance. Sensil® Innergy fabrics improve blood circulation and boost performance, reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing well-being. In addition to having high breathability, its benefit is permanent and has durability throughout the lifetime of the piece. 
Perfect for running, spinning, yoga, hiking and more!