A constant inspirational and inspiring agent. Transformer.

Plié is a part of Highstill company. Founded in 1969, HIGHSTIL has become a leader in the manufacture and marketing of poles for the Premium segment and has become a benchmark not only for quality, but also for ethics, tradition and the way it understands fashion: a constant inspirational and inspiring agent. transformer. In all these years, HIGHSTIL expanded and deepened its participation in the textile segment, becoming one of the only companies 100% verticalized in the men’s fashion market in Brazil. The selection of raw materials, the management and supervision of each process and the extreme care in all the steps of this work, are what guarantee the absolute quality of its products. Highstil takes great pride in controlling all its production so that high quality standards are always respected.

History of Plié:
  • Founded in 2000
  • PILÉ : A classic ballet move used as basis for almost every move
  • We believe underwear must play the role of a good basis for a perfect look 
  • An extremely innovative, comfortable and high-technology shapewear, Super soft, seamless microfiber
  • It respects women of all biotypes, hence the variety of panties, bras and bodysuits, with lower or higher support levels

Highstil Vertical Chain(self-owned cotton planting, spinning, weaving and dyeing activities)

Cotton Farms

Luis Eduardo Magalhães - Bahia, Brazil


Itatiba - São Paulo, Brazil

Cotton Spinning

João Pessoa - Paraíba, Brazil


Osasco - São Paulo, Brazil