Control Compression

Aesthetic Long Sleeves Bra - 50328

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The Plie Differential
External seams that provide absolute comfort. Constant balanced compression on the arm, breast and torso.
Reduces the measurement on the arms and shape the breast with comfort.

Product Features
  • 3-way front opening.
  • Lined non-skin contact brackets.
  • Dual fabric with constant compression.
  • Outer seams.
  • Outlines the back and improves posture.
  • Hydrophilic treatment for your skin to breathe freely.

made with Nilit® Nylon 6.6 yarn.


June 20, 2020

i kinda feel insecure with my arms, their too big but this product is a life changer! it help me reduce my arms size, i'm so happy!

August 02, 2020

The compression is really good for my arms and it keeps them in their place

Lia V. Dewi

August 09, 2021

It is comfortable, I feel like it gives good support to my upper body and it fixes my posture. I think it's really good for people with slightly rounded back.


November 09, 2021

i had my arm liposuction and bought other expensive brand and couldn't even stand wearing it for couple of days and i found this plie.. BEST material soft and not itchy.. and i can wear it sleep days and shape my arm well.. back for smaller size now.. make sure downsize by 1 or 2 sizes..


November 18, 2021

Best out of the best. I'm really recommend this to all arm liposuction fighter. Tried 2 brand before i made my mind to buy PLIE ARM COMPRESSION. for the first week before i get plie.. i couldn't even have a good sleep and even cut the elbow part of my other brand worth USD300 compression garment brand because the material is so hard and rashes and after that i bought another US brand.. cheaper and the material is soft but NO COMPRESSION.. and finally i follow my heart to PLIE and first touch my skin.. i was so shocked and regret WHY I DIDN'T BUY THIS from the first place.. The material is sooooooo soft and no rash no itch... and i can sleep with this peacefully.. and even wear it whole day even when I'm out to the mall.. When I'm sweating.. i don't even feel itch or hot as the material absorb well.. and NOW im buying my second piece in smaller size as my arm compressed so well with PLIE and now smaller.. THANK YOU SO MUCH PLIE.. TIPS for buying.. make sure you downsize 1 size at least because this "magic" PLIE Does stretch well but compressed at the same time. I don't understand how this magic happens haha but it does really that comfy and compressed well.. It really comfy I even wear it for cycling.. btw i will tell one story about this high waisted cycle pants.. I always riding my road bike wearing this inside.. and one day i fall down and cracked my ribs.. and the nurse told me lucky I wear this garment under.. because it cover and compressed my ribs do it only cracked not broken into 2..


January 04, 2022

It helps with my neck pain, I put that on and it helps minimize the pain which is awesome.. Thus i bought another sleeveless.. Also it helps with the bust too.. It's a good investment for me.. I wore it almost the whole day and even when i perspire, it doesn't feel uncomfortable.. So glad i decided on PLIE. It's nor as expensive as other brands and most importantly it works. My legging is such a saver! I did stop wearing a day or 2 and it just feels different. Put on when i had bloated tummy and it helps release the gas..


May 13, 2022

Before my surgery, I was advised that I would need to wear compression garment a for a period of time, so i searched a lot and ended up with Plie. after a comprehensive comparison, the customer service was very professional, very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. I asked so many questions (obviously, because it was quite an investment and very important for my health) and they answered well without being pushy for me to buy. After i used one, I was really pleased with the quality of the garment. It supported my body well, yet it felt comfortable. It didn't change its performance even after being washed so many times (I followed the washing instruction). I am still wearing it as I am writing this review. It is still a recovery journey for me but I have a very good one according to my doctor, part of it because I am discipline in wearing my compression garment. For me, I don't think I will be as discipline in wearing it if it is not comfortable and if I don't feel supported in it. Not only it helps my recovery, it also helps to better my posture.