Bermuda-Style Biker Panty - 50082

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Plie Differential
fundamental piece for those who enjoy cycling or exercising outdoors. In addition to shaping comfortably, Emana® corded fabric combined with physical activity helps keep your skin healthy by reducing the signs of cellulite.

How to wear and match
Wear with pants, dresses or skirts; In addition to modeling, it prevents friction between the legs. Wear as a fashion statement on its own too!

Product Features

  • Emana® yarn promotes bio stimulation of metabolism and reduces the signs of cellulite.
  • Balanced compression with pre-shaped buttock area.
  • Reduces abdomen and big thighs measures.
  • Prevents the chafing between the legs.
  • Hem that prevents marking on the legs.
  • Exclusive hydrophilic treatment for high breathability.


June 05, 2020

i always use this shapewear for exercise, and so far this is the best! it's really breathable and not too tight very comfortable

July 04, 2020

It does make me look slimmer everywhere, including the hips

October 01, 2020

this emana really help me with my cellulite! definitely worth it

October 09, 2020

perfect for my cycling, so comfortable and breathable

October 13, 2020

Love it, a must-have for a cyclist

November 01, 2020

Not only do they sculpt your thighs and stomach, but they also boast special “booty enhancing” i really love it

November 04, 2020

Good quality, I wear daily and mine have lasted

December 07, 2020

This is the first time I have ever tried a product like this so I can't compare brands or anything, but first impression is amazing!