Postpartum Bodysuit - 50107

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S $ 118



Product features

  • Side opening with 3 settings.
  • Non skin contact lined brackets.
  • Adjustable and removable handles.
  • Delicate press button closure and 100 % cotton crotch.
  • Shapes the breasts naturally and does not show under your clothes.
  • High technology yarn traction provides the right compression.
  • Enhances waist contours. Seamless liner.
  • Controls tummy, supports the lower back and improves body posture with no overheating.
  • Hydrophilic treatment that allows the skin to breathe freely and keeps the body dry.
  • Helps in healing as it reduces the excess of fluid accumulated between the cells.
  • Contributes to a more uniform and thin scar, preventing the emergence of keloids in case of C-sect.

- 80% Polyamide.
- 15% Elastane.
- 5% cotton.



December 12, 2022

Was skeptical about buying this item as I was worried it won't be suitable after giving birth. But the moment I wore it I was proven wrong. It didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Definitely recommended !!!!


September 17, 2022

Received the package at night, used it immediately even to sleep. It was so soft and comfy. No regrets!


September 17, 2022

Product is comfy and good! Very convenient with the bodysuit design and does not feel hot after wearing for long hours. Have been wearing since PP and seen a significant decrease in my waist! Will also continue to wear for daily maintenance.


September 11, 2022

I'm wearing it now and I'm very impressed by how it feels. It doesn't feel very tight but you can feel the difference when you remove it. And best of all, it doesn't feel hot too. My tummy feels better supported now and i can move better. Thank you so much once again.


September 03, 2022

The L size fits very well!! The bodysuit is very comfortable.


September 01, 2022

Honestly i'm a bit skeptical since I'm not familiar with the name and product but somehow Anna managed to convince me with the knowledge of the product. Bought the item on 15th April with a waistline of 94cm, Today, 3rd May.. my waistline is 88 cm. I was shocked!! No exercise or any special diet. Considering to get more items from Plie again. Thank you Plie! I'm so glad i bought the suit!


August 27, 2022

It works well! Very very comfortable to wear while at work. One very satisfied customer!


August 18, 2022

Used it for 2 days already right after deliver bb sooo comfy but not suffocating at all. Hope it serve it purposes! Cannot wait to try other collection


November 04, 2021

It damn comfy compared to my binder for sure, hope it works for me well. sizing fits well too!