Racerback Soft Top - 50880

S $ 88



The Fitness Plié line powered by Sensil® Innergy technology, is the ally for high performance sports. Sensil® Innergy fabrics improve blood circulation and boost performance, reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing well-being. In addition to having high breathability, its benefit is permanent and has durability throughout the lifetime of the piece. 
Perfect for running, spinning, yoga, hiking and more!


- Thin and adjustable straps.
- Light and airy.
- Mositure wicking fabric, pulls moisture away from skin.
- It has high breathability.
- Soft padded bra that holds the breast snugly and does not ride up during excercise for greater comfort.
- Sensil® Innergy technology, for high performance exercises.
- It naturally reflects to the body the thermal energy emitted by the yarn in the form of long infrared rays, increasing the absorption of oxygen and the reduction of lactic acid.

95% Polyamide.
5% Elastane.

Cup 100% Polyurethane.
100% Polyurethane foam.