Makeup Skin

Shadow Shorts - 60088

S $ 98



Makeup Skin is the revolutionary line that brings the power of makeup to your lingerie. The extra fine fabric, with a soft touch and velvety shine, guarantees the enhancement of contours with very light compression, shaping the body with absolute comfort. The edges of the legs with an invisible finish make the lingerie the perfect foundation for any look, even with slits.


  • Very light compression shorts, perfect for wearing with slit dresses and skirts.
  • Right side is mid length and left side is at butt level.
  • Softens belly and hips.
  • Double layer in the tummy region.
  • Invisible finish on the legs edges does not mark under clothing.
  • Pre-shaped butt pockets.
  • Mid waisted.
  • Extra fine fabric, with brightness and satin touch.
  • 100% cotton gusset.
  • Super soft Sensil® polyamide.
  • Hydrophilic treatment allows the skin to breathe freely with total comfort.
  • No side seams.

74% Polyamide.
24% Elastane.
2% Cotton.